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vilchis1212's Journal

12 December 1988
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First let me tell you a little bit abou me.
I consider my self like a person who likes to be with other people, but i think that it is better for the people to stay away from me, because when they look at me they ussually think that i am like very proud, or may be most people feels intimidated by me (that is what my friends tougth the first time we meet, and allso my family say that about my personality, and allso the girls afther the third week we started to date).May be the fact that i very offten feel the need to be alone to think to my self ,and that i realy enjoy to be with me, does not help so much.
However i am very luky because i dont know why but i have good friends

i like... the trash metal,the classic rock and even if you don't belive me, i really like the instrumental music, the piano and the violin specialy.

i like...to draw.
i like...the italian and the mexican food.
i like...the rain in the winther, the honesty, the personal relations and the people who are authentic.
i like.. to meet people that can give me their opinion about my draws.